Primary Operator Level 2

Company Name:
Position Summary:
To manufacture parts in accordance with established quality and quantity standards.
Key Responsibilities:
Perform start-stop procedures including, but not limited to: machine and conveyor start-up, loading of raw material, and machine shutdown.
Perform simple commands on the control panel.
Perform simple and advanced changes, adjustments, and set-up to tooling and fixtures.
Complete records and forms.
Check machined parts visually and dimensionally according to quality standards.
Clean chips from tooling and parts.
Recognize and report machine malfunctions and part discrepancies to supervisor.
Preset tooling as required.
Set-up parts, process and machine as required.
Perform daily, semi-annual and annual machine maintenance.
Generate and modify speeds and feeds as required.
Troubleshoot and correct problems for set-up, non-conformance, tooling and machining processes.
Diagnose and respond to program alarms and make adjustments as required.
Make suggestions for process changes that may improve machining operations.
Lift/move Mueller boxes of forgings, racks of forgings, unload and load machines and tooling.
Maneuver around machine, includes but may not be limited to standing, bending, stretching and walking.
Generate and modify part programs as required.
Repair, replace and/or modify the equipment if required.
Position Requirements:
Education: High school diploma or equivalent is required.
Experience: 2-4 years of machining experience. Advanced knowledge about the products, processes and equipment are essential.
Skills/Knowledge: Demonstrates proficient machining, communication, and troubleshooting. Operate machines that include loading and unloading parts, inspection gages, comparator, micrometers, calipers, 6" rule, dial indicator, ring gages, drill/reamer, Johnson gages and Datum gages, magnifier and lights, miscellaneous hand tools and chip strippers. Identifies and corrects machining problems relative to tools and tool holders, collets and chucks.
Critical Competencies:
Emotional Self-Control
Teamwork & Collaboration
Self Confidence
Scope of position:
Physical Requirements: Some lifting required.
Requisition Number: 14-0365
Post Date: 4/14/2014
Title: Primary Operator Level 2
City: Strongsville
State: OH

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